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       It's time to Glam It Up...


So you want glamour and sophistication?  Well you've come to the right place, we've got what you need.  Get your glam on and step out in style.

Glamour Puss


Beautiful jewelry, reasonably priced, plenty to see and choose...

Periwinkle by Barlow, has been bringing women exquisite accessories for over 13 years. They are a family-owned business and their parent company, Barlow Designs, was founded over 35 years ago.

They take pride in creating a broad line of fashion accessories with wide appeal to consumers.  Come in and try the pieces on, you'll be very pleased!


 What makes Connie Bennett jewelry different?

Dichroic and stained glass jewelry and home accessories are unique and exciting. The unusual designs in combinations of stained, dichroic and fused glass will enhance your individuality. The pieces are cut, wrapped in copper and lead free silver toned solder is applied. All jewelry is available in both sterling silver plate and 24 carat gold plated finish. Each design is fully copyrighted to protect the artist. Most pins can also be worn as a pendant.

Dichroic is a Greek word that means "two colors." Dichroic glass transmits one color and reflects another color. What's so intriguing about the dichroic coating is that all light energy is either reflected or transmitted. The coating itself is colorless. Jewelry made from dichroic glass has such vibrant, bright, sparkling colors because the coating forms a crystal structure comprised of many layers, and the layers reflect different wavelengths of light which produces an iridescent effect, changing color as the pieces move in the light. Dichroic is the diamond of the glass jewelry.


Ethel & Myrtle

Combine a friendship that started as children, mix in a desire to control one's own destiny, throw in hard work, determination, creativity, and the mentality of a river boat gambler, mix it all together with pride and love and you have the essence of Ethel & Myrtle, Inc.

Ethel & Myrtle offers trendy moderately priced fashion jewelry and accessories in the hottest color palettes. The main focus of the line is jewelry. Each hand-strung style is made up of various semi-precious stones, Swarovski or Czech crystals, natural shell, glass, and Lucite or wood beads. Earring posts, fishhooks, or euro wires are surgical steel. The metal parts are a white metal or brass casting with silver or gold plating antiqued, oxidized or hand polished. The line's accessories include handbags made from faux leather, beads, raffia, and canvas. In addition the line also includes, silk and knit scarves, belts, shoes, jeweled boxes, sunglasses, and headbands. Brenda, Nancy and Kathryn study the trends of the season to set the pace for the types of products that will be seen in their line.


As Dick, Peggy and their son David search the fashion capitals of the world for inspiration and to carefully watch the fashion market trends, they seek out the newest colors and designs for each seasons introductions. While working with designers and factories, each piece of jewelry is hand selected for its style and color giving our customers beautifully designed jewelry at affordable prices.




As Unique as You

Founded over thirty years ago, Silver Forest started selling its distinctive jewelry at craft shows throughout the Northeast. Today, Silver Forest jewelry can be found in retailers throughout the United States and Canada. Silver Forest jewelry is hand crafted in Bellows Falls, Vermont.

The mission at Silver Forest is to create wearable art that is as timeless and unique as you. Natural elements, ancient cultures and a subtle sense of humor influence our designs. Denim friendly and casual, Silver Forest is not a trend, it is a lifestyle— which is why they continue to be a top selling jewelry brand.

Clothing that's chic, current and gorgeous!  We've got the goods...


My Pretty Angel 

My Pretty Angel is well known for its superior quality, elegance and sophisticated designs. Their collections are perfect for every season and their prices extremely reasonable.  Come on by, we have a great selection.

My Pretty Angel


Lily Grace

Lily Grace

Lily Grace is a close-knit group of family and friends who were inspired to create a brand that embodies everything they love about being southern, classy, and modern. Each design was hand-drawn with their interests and personal styles in mind.

They've worked tirelessly to create a line that they truly adore, and they hope you love their brand as much as they do.  Stop by and see the adorable t-shirts - you won't be disappointed!



Charlie Paige Fashion Boot Socks, a must have for any occasion.  So adorable and perfect for the fashion statement that's truly yours...